girls fantastic voyage

my friend Viv loves nature like no other person i know. if you go to her instagram account @vivworld, you will see what i mean. at home, she surrounds herself with plants, fruits and vegetables that she grows with her amazing green thumbs. she makes delicious meals from her own garden and lobster that she catches herself in the keys with her hubs. so in between production gigs, she made up her mind (and a great itinerary) and invited me and her friend Venus to join her on what became the #girlsfantasticvoyage across national parks from los angeles to san francisco. on this trip, i saw snow for the first time in my entire life! we were in awe of the sights, sang "america the beautiful" and ended our trip under a full moon in the hot springs of mammoth lake. Viv's friend Danny and his dog Blu were excellent hosts while in mammoth lake. if you haven't done this trip yet, please plan it now; and if you already have, then do it again and bring more friends this time around. 

Joshua Tree National Park - it's just 2 hours east

Joshua Tree, a road trip and I am 40. And in this car are 4 of my very good friends. Friends that you meet later in life, but that you already know you’ll be friends with for life.  And Mr. Bailey, our road trip mascot, a furry Dachshund mix with very short legs, who managed to jump around the car and eat whatever was left behind while we stopped to get some pictures. 

The soundtrack to our trip  was ideal from the moment we got on the highway. Everything from The Strokes to Journey to Rancheras. Once deep inside the park, we lost wifi signal. It was great to be able to put the phone down and get lost in the walls of rocks that surrounded us. We were like kids with our heads out the windows. 

This trip was an affirmation that my journey to this part of the country was not in vain. I would discover many beautiful sights that continually feed my photographic appetite. Can't wait until my next expedition.