dia de los muertos

a mexican tradition, el dia de los muertos is a day for remembering the departed. families and friends head to the cemetery to visit those who are in the after life and honor them with gifts and offerings. often, the families will prepare their favorite foods and hang out at their graves. in los angeles, the hollywood cemetery celebrates this holiday and everyone is welcome to participate. i have been dying to witness this for a long time and i finally was able to make it. it just so happened that my friend venus was getting her make up professionally done, and there was one more spot open for me! i couldn't miss this opportunity and i'm excited to share these pictures with you. 

Celebrating Luna

My dear friend Alejandra is having her first baby and she hosted the baby shower for Luna in Kenneth Hahn park in Los Angeles. Let me first tell you that Ale is a master at DIY and these pictures will prove that. All the sandwiches were hand made and individually wrapped with love by her sister-in-law and yours truly (I wrapped them). Ale baked and designed the cake. She also made these tiny succulent plant decorations as souvenirs. Her aunt had sent her a beautiful macrame wall hanger and her mother had made a gorgeous dream catcher, and Ale thought that it would be a great spot for guests to leave notes for Luna. The day was sunny and breezy, and we all enjoyed the home made sangria while listening to her dad's records. It was definitely a unique baby shower and one that I believe should be all over Pinterest! Can't wait to meet Luna! 

Hermosa Beach

A few weeks ago my good friends from Miami, Alex and Aida Sabina and sons, came to the West Coast and invited me to spend some time with them at the Sea Breeze Motel in Hermosa Beach. Alex's sister, her husband and daughters were also there. Aida had warned me that there would plenty to see and photograph...she just knows me! Here's a glimpse of what I saw and caught with my lens while hanging out with great friends and their amazing kids (who have given me hope for the next generation). 


Joshua Tree National Park - it's just 2 hours east

Joshua Tree, a road trip and I am 40. And in this car are 4 of my very good friends. Friends that you meet later in life, but that you already know you’ll be friends with for life.  And Mr. Bailey, our road trip mascot, a furry Dachshund mix with very short legs, who managed to jump around the car and eat whatever was left behind while we stopped to get some pictures. 

The soundtrack to our trip  was ideal from the moment we got on the highway. Everything from The Strokes to Journey to Rancheras. Once deep inside the park, we lost wifi signal. It was great to be able to put the phone down and get lost in the walls of rocks that surrounded us. We were like kids with our heads out the windows. 

This trip was an affirmation that my journey to this part of the country was not in vain. I would discover many beautiful sights that continually feed my photographic appetite. Can't wait until my next expedition.