Hermosa Beach

A few weeks ago my good friends from Miami, Alex and Aida Sabina and sons, came to the West Coast and invited me to spend some time with them at the Sea Breeze Motel in Hermosa Beach. Alex's sister, her husband and daughters were also there. Aida had warned me that there would plenty to see and photograph...she just knows me! Here's a glimpse of what I saw and caught with my lens while hanging out with great friends and their amazing kids (who have given me hope for the next generation). 


Vane Loves Johnny

Recently I was offered the opportunity to shoot a wedding in LA and I had so much fun! Not only were the bride and groom adorably, romantically cute and in love, but the family basically adopted me. The food, drinks and decorations were all a family affair...and it was delicious to eat and beautiful to look around the venue. It is always nerve racking to do weddings because you only get one shot to capture one moment and then it's gone! I think I managed to do that and I know the new Mr. and Mrs. were happy!

Photo Meet Up - Manhattan Beach Sunset

new year and new photo meet up. this time, we met at the manhattan beach pier to shoot the sunset. there is always a new set of members and what i enjoy the most is everyone's willingness to share skills. as a female photographer, i have always been hesitant to wonder into certain areas on my own with my gear. therefore, i have never been able to shoot a sunset at the beach. but this time, not only was i surrounded by a great group of people, one guy stayed back with some of us and talked us through shooting the most magnificent sunset i have ever captured. we then went to have dinner and talked a bit more about our stories because that is how new friendships are formed. i'm loving my new life in LA. 

Joshua Tree National Park - it's just 2 hours east

Joshua Tree, a road trip and I am 40. And in this car are 4 of my very good friends. Friends that you meet later in life, but that you already know you’ll be friends with for life.  And Mr. Bailey, our road trip mascot, a furry Dachshund mix with very short legs, who managed to jump around the car and eat whatever was left behind while we stopped to get some pictures. 

The soundtrack to our trip  was ideal from the moment we got on the highway. Everything from The Strokes to Journey to Rancheras. Once deep inside the park, we lost wifi signal. It was great to be able to put the phone down and get lost in the walls of rocks that surrounded us. We were like kids with our heads out the windows. 

This trip was an affirmation that my journey to this part of the country was not in vain. I would discover many beautiful sights that continually feed my photographic appetite. Can't wait until my next expedition. 

Photo Meet Up - Sunset at Santa Monica

so having just moved to LA, i wanted to meet new people and explore the city with my camera...thank baby jesus for meet ups! the LA Photo Gang welcomed me in and yesterday was my first meet up in LA shooting the sunset by the santa monica pier. what a sight! truly majestic! when the sun began melting into the ocean, i couldn't shoot...i wanted to see it disappear with my own eyes and experience it live. here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday... the last 5 images where shot with a sony a6000 / the first set of images were shot with my canon 7D