once upon a time in Los Angeles

Once upon a time I decided to leave my hometown of Miami, FL and head west. Having worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years, I figured heading to Los Angeles would be a good option to find some steady work. After a few months of crashing in the living room of some extremely generous friends, I finally found a studio that I absolutely fell in love with. Now, anyone who lives in LA will tell you that the most important thing you need is parking and that it had. The rest is whatever makes you happy; and what I wanted most was light. I needed a large window because I need light in whatever space I inhabit. The only other thing on my wish list was a window in my bathroom...and my wish was fulfilled. 

I love design and Pinterest is my best friend. When I stepped foot into my studio, I immediately felt a Shabby Chick/Boho vibe. Los Angeles has some of the best flea markets that I visited often and from where many of my furniture pieces came. Being that it was a studio of almost 300 sq. ft., I needed to maximize my space. I wanted to create living spaces, so there is a mini foyer and a mini dining room. Using a drop leaf table, I was able to expand it whenever I needed a bigger area for working on my photography. I also added a curtain to divide the kitchen from the rest of the apartment using an Ikea cable rod. 

Other design elements that I incorporated were all my travel souvenirs. In my bathroom, I was able to display all my postcards collected from around the world. I used double sided tape so that I wouldn't ruin walls...I wanted my deposit at the end! My favorite part of it all was watching the sunset from my one window. They were the best daily gift I received from Mother Nature and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you Los Angeles for such an amazing year!